Our Squad

Nkemka Anyiwo, PhD, MSW

Founder and Director of Black Youth IMPACT

Welcome! I am a scholar, artist, and an advocate who is dedicated to supporting the wellbeing, cultural empowerment, and sociopolitical agency of Black youth. I am trained as a Developmental Psychologist and Social Work researcher and have a background in African American Studies. My work with Black Youth IMPACT is grounded in my own experiences as a youth organizer. For more than a decade, I served in several leadership roles in cultural and social justice organizations where I have designed initiatives aimed to promote political awareness, cultural empowerment, education development, and community healing.

In my role, I work in collaboration with youth and their communities to:
  • Develop and direct research projects
  • Write grants to fund research
  • Write research reports for publication
  • Develop workshops and programs for youth and communities
  • Consult on research, curriculum, and programs oriented toward Black youth development and social justice

Research Team

Indya Gettings

Research Assistant

My name is Indya Gettings. I am from Matteson, IL and I am rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania. This summer, I am serving as the Recruitment Manager for the Black Youth IMPact Project.

Janay Draughn

Research Assistant

Hi, my name is Janay Draughn and I’m from Greenville, North Carolina. I’m in the University of Pennsylvania’s Class of 2024 and I currently plan to major in Communications and minor in English. I serve as a research assistant, through PURM at Penn, on the Black Youth IMPact Project. Beyond this study, I enjoy reading and creative writing. 

Derick Agyenim-Boateng

Research Assistant

My name is Derick Agyenim-Boateng, and I am from the Bronx, New York. I am in the University of Pennsylvania’s class of 2024, and I intend on majoring in Neuroscience while on the pre-med track. I am working as a research assistant for the Black Youth IMPact project. 

Kayla Holloway

Research Assistant

Hello, my name is Kayla Holloway and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I am in the University of Pennsylvania’s class of 2024, and I am currently majoring in Neuroscience on the premed track with a minor in bioethics. I am a research assistant for the Black IMpact project. 

Steicy de Paiva

Research Assistant

Hello! My name is Steicy De Paiva and I am a rising sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. I was born in Brazil but currently live in Boston with my family! I became involved with the Black Youth IMPACT Project last semester and had a wonderful time charting articles and working with the other research assistants. I am really excited to continue this work and conduct interviews!

Community Partners

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